10 Best Natural Remedies for Remove Mucus From Nose

10 Best Natural Remedies for Remove Mucus From Nose

A buildup of mucus in the nose is a common problem for many people you may have thick mucous discharge or a feeling of pressure or stuffiness in your sinuses mucus in the nose is usually caused by either a fungal infection a rhinovirus or an allergy this can last for years if left untreated the good news is that there are natural remedies to remove mucus from the nose permanently. Here are the best 10 Natural remedies to remove mucus from the nose.

1. Oregano Oil

Take two to three pearl capsules of oregano oil per day this is a very powerful natural medicine that kills fungal infections in the nose your mucus will begin to clear out and dry up as you destroy the underlying infection oregano oil also helps to fight the common cold.

2. Garlic Flush

Add one to two drops of garlic oil to a netty pot and fill with a lukewarm water rinse the nose cavities using the netty pot garlic contains a natural compound that clears blocked sinuses and helps to break down mucus you can also add oregano oil to this if you wish doing this every day for one week will kill off any colonies of bacteria viruses or fungal infections.

3. Mormon Tea

If your mucus is caused by seasonal allergies such as hay fever Mormon tea can really help drink 1 to 2 cups of this in the morning only before 12 pm it contains tannins which reduce the secretion of mucus in the nose and help to fight allergies it also acts as a vasodilator opening the airways for better breathing.

4. Eucalyptus

Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of hot steaming water place your head over the bowl covered with a towel and inhale the water vapor this australian herb loosens mucus in your nose throat and lungs do this for 10 minutes to clear out tough mucus and ease breathing.

5. Kimchi

If you have a stuffy nose all year round then start eating kimchi on a regular basis kimchi is a fermented food made from cabbage onion garlic chili radish and ginger this superfood helps to restore a healthy balance to the microbes in your nose and nasal passages and can unblock mucus and stuffiness naturally.

6. Seropeptase

Take one to two tablets of serrapeptase per day on an empty stomach this natural enzyme makes it easier to blow your nose and expel mucus it makes your mucus thinner and breaks down proteins this is a fantastic remedy for chronic sinusitis.

7. Hot Shower

When your nose is blocked you may want to take a hot shower to help open up the airways steam in the air helps to dissolve hard mucus in the nasal passages and throat you can also use a humidifier to disperse water into the air of your home to enjoy these benefits constantly.

8. Remove Dairy

If you have lots of mucus and phlegm in the throat try cutting out dairy from your diet do this for three to four days and notice if you have any relief dairy foods like milk cream and cheese can sometimes cause your body to make more mucus because of a mild allergy.

9. Ginger And Lemon

Steep 1 inch of peeled ginger root in 1 cup of hot water squeeze in the juice of one whole lemon and stir well strain this and then drink ginger is widely used for its medicinal properties and has a strong scent which clears the airways lemon juice also contains citric acid helping to loosen tough mucus.

10. Peppermint Water

If you don’t drink enough water the inner skin within your nose and sinus becomes dry the mucus also becomes thicker as a result place a bunch of freshly washed peppermint leaves into a two-liter bottle of mineral water allow these to infuse in the refrigerator and drink through the day the water will help to moisturize the sinuses and the peppermint will help to break down mucus and clear the airways from within bonus remedy salt inhaler last but not least you can use a salt inhaler this is a simple device where you breathe in salty air for five to fifteen minutes per day the ions from the salt help to fight inflammation in your sinus and reduce mucus buildup

As you can see there are a range of natural remedies to remove mucus from the nose permanently try some of these remedies and see which works best for you if a stuffy nose is a consistent problem then this may indicate that you are deficient in vitamin a to fix this you need to improve your diet start consuming virgin cod liver oil wild-caught salmon or beef liver to boost your vitamin a intake the active form of vitamin a called retinol helps to control the mucous membranes in your nose and lubricate your sinuses it also helps to relieve other areas of dryness such as dry eyes or flaky skin cutting down on sugary and refined foods may also improve a mucus buildup because they cause inflammation in your sinuses we highly recommend following a healthy keto diet plan to help boost nutrients in your body and restore balance to your mucous production taking vitamin d3 and zinc also helps to kill off viral infections in the body which may also be the culprit for your blocked nose.